Mexico Travel – The Sacred Mayan Journey

Mexico Travel – The Sacred Mayan Journey

When most people think of Cancun and the surrounding region, they think all-inclusive resorts or Spring Break parties but the area actually has a lot more in the way of culture and history, especially Mayan history, than people think. The Yucatán Peninsula was an important region of the ancient Mayan Empire and still today, Mayan communities call this area of Mexico home.

For much of post-colonial history, Mayan communities have been marginalized, forced off their lands, encouraged to give up their traditions, and discriminated against. Despite it all though, the Maya continued to preserve their way of life, their language, and as many of their traditions as possible. Now, almost remarkably, Mayan culture has been given a rebirth in this region of Mexico, in large part due to the interest of tourists in seeing, understanding, and experiencing both the ancient and modern Mayan culture.

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