What to Expect from Professional Drain Cleaning in Spokane?

Professional Drain Cleaning

The drainage system in your home is more complex than you probably imagine. Drainage covers all the pipes and associated accessories depended upon to transport both liquid and solid wastes from inside your home to outside your home. The potential unpleasantness when those drains become clogged should be obvious and you definitely do not want that waste backing up inside your home.

While there are certainly steps you can take to proactively prevent clogged drains, the problem is not always under you control. Tree branches, leaves and other foreign objects can wreak havoc by clogging up the system. Even the sheer weight that Mother Nature can force upon the ground covering the pipes can present problems. Between the 15 inches of rain and 45 inches of snow the region experiences in a typical year, you should probably get to know what to expect from a professional drain cleaning in Spokane.

Drain Inspection

The first step in cleaning a drain is locating the problem. Since the drain system is not exactly user-friendly, this has often meant trial and error in the past. The 21st century is no place for error, so you can probably expected a video inspection of your pipes. This video inspection is accomplished by using cameras mounted with fiber optic cables capable that allow your drain cleaning profession to actually witness the path toward the clog. The benefit of this development primarily means only having to focus on the specific areas of known obstruction, thus cutting down on time and expense.

Power Augur

All that precipitation often results in sewer lines becoming logged by fallen debris or blocked by the uprooted aftermath of harsh winds and soft soil. Depending on the complexity of the issue, all it may take to clean a drain suffering this problem is a power augur, more commonly known as a snake. Flexible metal wire is inserted into the drain that can be rotated as it moves to break apart the object causing obstruction.


Very often the first step in cleaning a drain starts with the power augur as a way of setting up later use of hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is just a fancy term for high-pressure water jets. This tool does exactly what it sounds like it does: blasts of water shot through the drain at an intensely high pressure as a way of using unstoppable force to annihilate what seems an immovable object. Water is an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean many stubborn clogs.


Know what else to expect from a professional drain cleaning in Spokane? Courtesy. The facts are simple: a drainage system is hardly the cleanest thing in the world. Just because the drains needs cleaning doesn’t mean your home should need cleaning when the job is done. Insist on professional courtesy from those have done this dirty work enough to know better than make dirty work out of cleaning.

How do you know if you need professional drain cleaning? Several signs are very strong indicators that you should at least start thinking about it. Many people ignore a toilet that backs up and overflows as simply a sign of recent heavy use when it may actually be due to a blockage that is obstructing the water supply to the rest of the house. A sink basis that experiences backflow while using the other basin may also be a warning sign as is a shower drain that stays blocked even after you have pulled out a bunch of wet hair. Any sort of bad odor from any drain is definitely worth investigating and even sudden problems with low water pressure could wind up needing service from a professional cleaner.

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