How Trenchless Technology can Save Your Property in Mesa, AZ?

Trenchless Technology can Save Your Property

Technology has made home improvement and repair easier than ever. Gone are the days when the only way to deal with damaged sewer pipes was to dig up the whole front yard. Modern technology can help you fix this problem without having to dig an inch of your beautiful lawn or landscape. However, many homeowners don’t know enough about the technology and still use the age-old method of pipe inspection and repair. The technology I am talking about is trenchless sewer repair & replacement. This technology has been around for over 15 years, but many people are still not aware of it. In this article, we will discuss how trenchless technology can save your property in Mesa, AZ.

Digging up your yard to repair sewer pipes can be a nightmare. It takes a lot of time, effort and money and also decreases the value of your property. Trenchless technology, on the other hand, does not involve any digging on your property and can get better results.

What is trenchless technology?

Trenchless technology differs from the traditional sewer repair in one key aspect. Rather than digging up the whole drain pipe, a small hole is drilled to allow the access to the existing line. Access points are drilled in the sewer pipes that need to be replaced, and a cable is inserted through one of these openings. The other end of the cable carries a bursting head and a replacement HDPE piping. As the cable is pulled through the existing pipe, the bursting head breaks away the existing pipe and replaces it with the new HDPE pipe in one go. The new pipe takes the place of the busted pipe, and there is no need to dig up the entire old pipe.

How can it save your property?

Well, the main advantage of this technology is the fact that it involves less digging compared to the traditional sewer pipe repair. Here is a list of other benefits that trenchless technology has over the traditional method.

A. No property damage

It is the biggest benefits of trenchless technology. In sharp contrast to the traditional sewer replacement techniques, trenchless technology requires the digging of two small holes at the end of the sewer line that needs replacement. Hence, there is no reason to dig up the whole pipe in its entirety. Even if the pipe runs under an existing construction, you will not need to dig up the flooring at all.

B. Safe sewer lines

The pipes used in the trenchless sewer technology don’t have joints in them. As a result, dirt, roots and other debris can’t get into these pipes and cause a blockage. The material of the pipes is sturdy and can resist most corrosive substances. Water, oxygen and other elements in the soil have a minimal impact on the integrity of these pipes, and hence the sewer is much safer compared to the traditional sewer lines.

C. Less cost

As the trenchless technology requires no extensive digging, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. You don’t have to spend money on rebuilding your floors or redoing your landscaping with this technology. Also, less digging means that the repairs can be done quickly and you will not spend months getting your house back in order after a sewer repair done.

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