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We’re talking about glaucoma. This time, we’re going to mention three important homeopathic remedies that have been used to treat glaucoma.

Let me back up a little bit and talk about homeopathy. Most people have a misconception about homeopathy. Homeopathy has nothing to do with proper diet, vitamins, nutrition, or mineral supplements. It is a distinct form of medicine that believes the body has the ability to heal. As homeopathic doctors, we look at the symptoms, the disease, and the tissue structure. We prescribe a homeopathic remedy that acts as a catalyst to help the body reverse this process and to heal naturally.

Homeopathy believes the body has an intelligence and a wisdom. When we develop signs, symptoms, and diseases, it’s because we need this process to maintain a balance or homeostasis. This may sound peculiar. Why does my body need to develop glaucoma? Why do I need to have hypertension or diabetes? If your body has wisdom, you need it to maintain homeostasis.

Let me try to explain it in this simple manner. Let’s say you get severe diarrhea. Maybe your body needs the diarrhea to get rid of toxins or something harmful you eat. It is doing this for a reason.

In traditional medicine, they believe the body does not have a wisdom, so if you have diarrhea, the doctor will prescribe something that will produce constipation to reduce the diarrhea. In homeopathy, you are given something that causes diarrhea. You may say, “Wait a minute. If I take something that causes diarrhea, wouldn’t that make my diarrhea worse?” Not really. If the body is doing something to benefit you and to maintain homeostasis, let’s help the body do what it wants to do.

Homeopathy is what got me started in this whole area of alternative medicine. I was a very successful eye surgeon, and I developed severe adult-onset asthma. I could not function. I was taking three medications which had a lot of side effects. I wanted a cure, and one homeopathic remedy cured me of my asthma. This was when many doctors told me there was no cure for my asthma. They said, “Just continue taking your medicine and learn to live with it.”

Homeopathy is one of the few disciplines in medicine which actually tries to help you cure your disease. I’m talking about curing. The right homeopathic remedy can not only reverse the glaucoma damage or whatever problem you have, but it has the potential to cure.

The problem is that homeopathy is very difficult to master. If you have 100 people with glaucoma, it’s not like there’s just one homeopathic remedy that will help all of them. It’s a little bit different. In homeopathy, we treat the person. If you have 100 people with glaucoma, each one may need a different homeopathic remedy. Whatever I took to cure my asthma may not help you if you have asthma.

When I talk about these three homeopathic remedies, these are the top three, but these remedies may not help your glaucoma at all. I advise you to seek a professional homeopath to help you with your remedy selection. I am always available to help you with your homeopathic evaluation. This is something I really love. In the homeopathic interview, we’ll not only talk about your eye condition. We’ll also go into detail about when the eye problem started, stresses in your life, and other associated problems.

Homeopathy looks at you as an individual. It looks at causative factors and many different aspects. It’s a phenomenal way to understand why your body has developed this particular problem. I see miracles when a homeopathic remedy is prescribed because not only does it help with the glaucoma but it helps your mental and emotional state. It helps your overall wellbeing. Homeopathy is an amazing form of treatment.

The number-one homeopathic remedy is phosphorous. Phosphorous is a mineral. It is one of the top remedies listed in our Materia Medica in homeopathic literature for the treatment of glaucoma, especially when there’s optic nerve damage. It seems to be a very important remedy that has an affinity to the optic nerve.

The phosphorus person has the experience of having tiredness in the eye and seeing halos around lights. There seems to be the sensation of color variation and maybe seeing colors, spots, or things like that. There is also a certain personality. The phosphorus seems to be a very likable, sympathetic person who enjoys people. That’s the other thing about these homeopathic remedies. Not only do they address the tissue and the disease, but there’s a certain personality. Phosphorus is a big remedy.

The second remedy is belladonna. Belladonna is the remedy we think of for an acute attack of glaucoma. This is when your pressure suddenly increases. Your eye is red, and you have a lot of pain. This would be the number-one remedy. In addition to the pain, there’s a dimness of the vision. It may be accompanied by head pain or a headache, and there may be nausea and vomiting.

The personality of a belladonna tends to be quick to anger and have a certain quickness about them. Whenever they develop flu symptoms, abscesses, boils, and things like that, there’s a certain quickness to the belladonna. Belladonna is for a sudden onset of eye pain, dimness of vision, and elevated pressure.

I’m not suggesting you take belladonna instead of going to the eye doctor. You can take the belladonna, but rush to the eye doctor if you have these symptoms because you need to have a qualified person evaluate you.

The third remedy is physostigma. This is a homeopathic remedy that has effectiveness for treating glaucoma, especially when there are some spasms of the eye and a very small pupil. Symptoms include dim vision, blurred vision, and pain in the eye.

These are the top three homeopathic remedies: phosphorous, belladonna, and physostigma. I’m not suggesting you go to the health food store to get these remedies and expect this will cure you of your glaucoma. You need the professional expertise of a homeopathic doctor. I’d be happy to consult with you if you’re interested in homeopathy. You can go to www.HealingTheEye.com or give our office a call at (800) 430-9328.

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