10 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Adwords Management Agency?

Hire an Adwords Management

It is one thing to undertake a DIY project, but it’s quite another to risk your money and your online business’s success by betting on a self-managed PPC campaign. It’s only natural to feel tempted to avoid spending big bucks on the services of an AdWords management agency and instead try to do things on your own. But, it’s highly recommended to hire one.

Below you will find 10 reasons why you should only hire an agency for managing your AdWords campaign. Take a look –


  • Analytical skills and expertise that only come with experience


AdWords and PPC campaigns happen to be extremely diverse with steep learning curve. Even after years of experience, campaign managers end-up committing costly mistakes. It’s only after you have worked on several PPC projects that you get a hang of things and are really able to see the bigger picture.

Sure, you are confident with a go-getter attitude. But, one small mistake could you set you back by thousands of dollars. Ask yourself – are you ready to take that risk? It’s true that you learn from your mistakes, but when you talk about PPC camping, there’s very little room for mistakes. The whole hit and trial method doesn’t really work with the ad network; at least not without losing big bucks due to trial and error.


  • Strong foundation is essential for long-run growth


Would you build a house on a shaky ground? Never, right? Because you know the integrity of the building and everyone’s safety will depend on how strong the foundation is. The same way, when you are just setting up your campaign, you need to get everything right.

A strong campaign would give you a good start and also define the long-term success of your business. It’s the very foundation on which your future ROI will depend. An amateur cannot promise a solid ground for your campaign, but an agency can. Because that’s what agencies do and are paid for! They know the tiny yet instrumental details essential for campaign’s success that may go unnoticed by an amateur.  


  • It’s hard to keep up with ever-changing guidelines of Google


Tactics that are yielding excellent returns today may be worthless three or four months down the road. The ever-changing guidelines of Google, new algorithms rolled out every now and then, and the evolving landscape of Google’s ad network requires you study all the changes happening otherwise you will soon be left out of the game.

It’s almost like being a lawyer. Not studying the law updates could make you lose your case. Can you afford to do that? If not, then go with an agency only.


  • Keyword research is no piece of cake


Keywords are the essence of every PPC campaign. You have to pick the most profitable ones from a long list. That requires studying the markets extensively to know how to capture leads. Picking the wrong keyword could easily exhaust your entire budget in no time without getting you any real leads.

Agencies use multiple expensive tools for researching and studying keywords. They don’t just rely on one tool. The whole thing can drive anyone crazy unless they are confident of what they are doing. Avoid yourself the pain and hand over this task to a reputed AdWords agency.


  • Agencies know how to create Ad Copies that capture leads


Have you ever seen a PPC ad on Google? If yes, then you would know that you have to sell a product using a limited number of words. Every single word in an ad copy means something hence must be used carefully.

After years of working on multiple ad copies, experts working in an agency know what type of copies are able to capture leads and which ones won’t. This type of knowledge is something that you cannot gain overnight.

  • Technical expertise essential for tracking results


Simply setting up a PPC campaign and distributing ad copies is not enough. You have to continuously track results to know which keywords are working better and which ones are simply eating your budget.

Observation and regular study of your campaign’s performance allows you to find-tune things for better ROI. But, that requires installing and tracking code; something you cannot do unless you have basic HTML knowledge. If you are not familiar with such intricacies, it’s better to let an agency handle things.


  • Endlessly complex settings could baffle you


When you manage an AdWords campaign you have to juggle multiple things. You are not just focusing on one thing, but you have to take care of multiple aspects simultaneously. Let’s not forget you have to continuously monitor the campaign and adjust the settings every now and then for better targeting. Stuff like whether to target people locally or nationally, the number of ad groups to setup, and whether to opt for affiliate network or not; only agencies can answer these questions.


  • Relevant landing pages are crucial


Relevance is something that takes a brand new form in PPC. Speaking of which, the less relevant users find your landing pages, the less conversion you will have. Agencies conduct A/B testing where they create multiple landing pages for the same ad to see which one is yielding better conversion.

Experts working with agencies understand the principles of creating an attractive landing page. They know practical application of those principles to mature maximum leads.


  • A competitive edge that comes from working on similar projects


Are you ready to risk thousands of dollars just to learn how the Google’s ad network works? If yes, by all means go ahead and experiment with things. But, if you want to get things right without first risking the success of your enterprise, you have no other option but to hire an agency.

Agencies have a competitive edge that comes from working on the similar projects in the past. It gives them a power as they know what will definitely work and what’s sure to fail. That way, you will be saved from wasting thousands of dollars.


  • You simply don’t have the time


Running and managing an AdWords campaign is an on-going activity and a time-consuming one at that. Unless you have plenty of free time on your hands to closely monitor everything and continue to fine-tune things, you should contact an agency and let them take care of things. It’s better to rely on the expertise of an agency and outsource your campaign out to those who know Google’s ad network inside out.


Do the points above justifying hiring an AdWords agency? Or, still feeling doubtful? Do share your thoughts and useful insight with us.

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