Network Security Solutions for Small Businesses Without the Techno-Jargon


Massive corporations with enterprise-level networks and thousands of employees can afford to devote hundreds of hours to tailoring specific network security solutions for their companies.


But you? You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have time for all this. Furthermore – you don’t have the patience it takes to learn a whole new language, which is what any discussion with a network security specialist ends up feeling like. That and the army of acronyms – DPI, VPN, DDoS, NAC, IaaS, and dozens of others – that make you feel like you’re cowering in the corner of your 2nd grade English class being laughed at because you can’t remember how to spell “there.”


You know you need network security, but if you’re going to slog through the process of putting a security system in place, you need to know what good it will do. So, here it is:


How Network Security Solutions Help Small Businesses


Here’s a plain and simple explanation of what network security solutions can do for a small or mid-sized business.


Secures Customer Trust and Loyalty


Your customers are your most valuable assets. And so is their trust. When they know their information is secure while they do business with you, they’ll feel better. So, when you can tell them how your network security systems protect their data and you have a track record to prove it (meaning – you haven’t shown up in any news headlines), you’re giving them another reason not to shop around.


There are many available network security solutions that protect sensitive data – including customer and transactional information.


Puts a ‘Keep Out’ Sign for All Unwanted Devices


Mobile communication is mowing down traditional data security for all companies big and small. If you have employees logging into your network backend using mobile devices, your network security vulnerabilities have just multiplied.


But there are solutions for this. One is called network segmentation. This means you can put devices, people, and even locations into separate ‘bins,’ and only give access to sensitive data to certain ‘bins’ of users.


For example, if you have 30 employees, but only three of them need access to your most valuable data, you can put those three people – and specific devices you allow them to use – into a separate bin, or segment.


That’s just one way to keep out unwanted devices, and just one of the benefits of segmentation.


Protects Your Business Secrets


The network security professionals use big words like “proprietary information.” To many people that just means ‘stuff you don’t want out in public.’


A working network security system protects your valuable data from threats – both inside and outside of your business. Believe it or not, your data is more vulnerable to inside threats, like negligent employees, than to outside ones, like phishing scams – though those need to be stopped too.


You need to guard your business against both and there are security solutions you can put in place to protect your data even from your own people.


Catches Threats Before They Strike


If you’re going to invest money in a package of network security solutions, it doesn’t help much if it only catches threats after they’ve already hit your business.


Advanced network security solutions are available even for small businesses that can detect and thwart all sorts of outside threats, including ones like the recent ransomware attacks you’ve read about.


Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly No Matter What


At the end of the day, this is what you expect from your technology. Just work, baby. When I turn on a computer, it should turn on. When I log in, it should work. Same for my customers. Same for the rest of my staff.


Network security solutions and all that techno-language you aren’t interested in learning are ultimately what make this happen – they protect your business from threats and keep you in business even when ‘bullets are flying’, so to speak.


What this comes down to is four things:


  • Identifying threats both internal and external
  • Stopping them before they do all the damage they were intended to do
  • Preserving customer loyalty and trust
  • Enabling you to keep growing


In today’s age, even for those of us with no interest in the technical details of network security, these are the outcomes we want. And there is an appropriate and affordably-sized network security solution package out there that will do this for your business.


The alternative is to just hope nothing goes wrong. But with each new employee, device, and customer, the chances of nothing happening to an unprotected network eventually go down to zero.


So, what are you going to do?

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