A Few Simple Gestures to Maintain Your Home Appliances

Maintain Your Home Appliances

How many of us like to maintain our wardrobes? Our wardrobes must be stacked with all kinds of latest fashion items and pieces that make us stand out in every social occasion. However, how many of us like to maintain our home appliances with the same enthusiasm.

Why is maintenance of home appliances necessary?

Just like our wardrobe, our home appliances need the same levels of maintenance. The process is the same for our boilers, cooktops, stoves, furnaces, water heaters, everything. By regular maintenance of these home appliances their breakdowns and their failure levels get reduced, while at the same time their life extends. Simultaneously, regular inspection of these home appliances by professionals is going to make sure that their performance betters, every single day.

Cooktop maintenance

In order to ensure the efficiency of our cooktops and our cooking appliances, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Apart from regular cleaning with a damp cloth, the cooktops must also be cleaned with hot-soapy water. For this one would be required to detach the burners and soak them in hot water, with soap. The receptacles of the cooktops can be cleaned with an abrasive solution comprised of water and baking soda. All the elements must be dried out thoroughly however, before replacing them back.

Apart from all these equipment, the hood of the ventilation duct must be thoroughly cleaned as well, regularly. This will ensure efficient ventilation.


You should not overload your fridge with food and other items. Overloading only leads to the failure of the compressor. The compressor of a refrigerator helps keep food items and beverages fresh and cold. This is most you can do on a daily basis.

Washing Machines

Always use your washing machine to wash smaller loads. Stuffing your washing machine is never a good idea, since i t can lead to its premature death. Huge carpets and rubber mats must not be cleaned in washing machines as well.

You should also ensure that you wipe the drums inside the washer once every week. This will remove the residue that is left behind. And will also remove the dirt and cloth threads. Once your clothes are washed and dried out, you must leave the doors of your washers and dryers open for a while. Give it some times to dry out and then shut their lids.


Dishwashers already have filters attached to them in order to collect the leftover food items and scraps from all of your dishes. However, this filter needs cleaning in order to ensure that your dishwasher can work for longer. You should pre-clean your dishwasher before placing your actual dishes in it. Moreover, you could also clean the filter at least two time every year.

The seals of the dishwashers are another important aspect. They must remain moist at all times. If not, they can not just dry out but crack. This will lead to the failure of water being inside the dishwasher. This way, the dishwasher cannot function. You could apply some mineral oil to keep the seals wet.

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